Parakkal INR 3703 IPE Summer 2008 Syllabus

Parakkal INR 3703 IPE Summer 2008 Syllabus - Florida...

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1 Florida International University Department of International Relations INR 3703: International Political Economy (IPE) Term: Summer B – 2008 Instructor: Raju Parakkal Section: U01B Email: [email protected] Class: M/W 3:30–6:15 PM; PC 426 Office Hours: By Appointment COURSE OVERVIEW International political economy (IPE) is the interaction between politics and economics at the international level. It is understood as the interplay between the state and the market on the global stage or as the politics of international economic relations. Therefore, this class will incorporate many elements from international politics and international economics to understand and explain many aspects of the global economy. We will rely on economic theory to initiate our analyses and to provide us with theoretical insights. We will then focus on how these economic insights interact with political institutions and interests to produce various policy choices and practices. This course is divided into five broad areas: (i) theory and concepts, (ii) the international trading system, (iii) the international monetary system, (iv) international investments, and (v) international development. Though a background in economics and/or international relations is helpful, it is not required. Since this is an undergraduate-level class, I intend to introduce the theoretical concepts at a very elementary level so that all students—regardless of their familiarity with these concepts—can understand the readings and lectures and participate in the class discussions equally well. What is required, however, is a genuine interest in global issues of a political economy nature and a desire to learn the tools and acquire the knowledge that are essential to understanding and explaining global economic phenomena. If you have any questions about the contents or any other aspects of the course, do not hesitate to email me. COURSE REQUIREMENTS AND GRADING POLICY Your final grade for the course will be determined as follows: Class Participation 20% Mid-Term Examination 20% Paper 30% Final Examination 30%
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2 The grading scale is as displayed in the following table. Score Grade Score Grade 93 – 100 A 73 – 76 C 90 – 92 A- 70 – 72 C- 87 – 89 B+ 67 – 69 D+ 83 – 86 B 63 – 66 D 80 – 82 B- 60 – 62 D- 77 – 79 C+ 0 – 59 F Class Participation : The grade for class participation will be based on the quality rather than the frequency of your participation in the class discussions. To improve the quality of your participation, finish the assigned readings for the week before coming to class and keep yourself informed of current political-economic events by regularly following the news. If you do not feel confident about expressing your opinion(s) on a particular topic, then ask a relevant question. Very often, a thoughtful question that is well-formulated will fetch you more points than an
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Parakkal INR 3703 IPE Summer 2008 Syllabus - Florida...

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