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Spanish 1131 is the second course of a four semester sequence which implements a proficiency oriented approach. Proficiency is defined as the ability to understand and convey information and/or feelings in a particular situation for a particular purpose. This approach focuses on the rapid development of listening and reading comprehension skills through constant exposure to high frequency language in the form of spoken conversation and printed texts. In addition, the proficiency oriented approach encourages maximum communicative interaction from the beginning and consequently is designed to provide students with useful language skills in Spanish. Grammatical accuracy is one part of communicative proficiency, but it is not a prerequisite. Our teaching techniques are student centered, with the instructor as the facilitator. The instructor will conduct the class in Spanish to contribute to the Spanish environment. Students will be able to: c Express and describe physical activities. c Ask and answer questions about weather conditions. c Talk about special events and holiday activities. c Talk about past events. c Express ongoing actions in the past. c Make comparisons. c Talk about the workplace and professions. Discuss job skills and abilities. c Discuss food, shopping and plan menus. c Discuss about healthy diets and good nutrition. c Express wishes and hopes. Make requests and express opinions, emotions and GENERAL INFORMATION Instructor: Prof. Asunción Gómez Phone: N/A Office: N/A Fax: N/A Office Hours: By appointment E-mail: Please use WebCT Course Mail COURSE DESCRIPTION COURSE OBJECTIVES Page 1 of 11 Syllabus 5/15/2008 https://lms.fiu.edu/webct/urw/lc149754175021.tp179685473021/RelativeResourceManage. ..
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attitudes. c Express denial and uncertainty. c Talk about the body. Describe health conditions and medical treatments. c Make travel arrangements. Ask about and discuss itineraries. c Express possession. c Talk about the future. c Talk about sports, religion and economy in Latin American countries. c Discuss about Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Paraguay. SPN 1131 is not designed for bilingual students who already speak and understand Spanish. FIU has developed a series of courses designed for bilingual students who wish to improve their Spanish communication skills. Any bilingual student should contact the instructor or the language coordinator in the Department of Modern Languages (DM 499) for a course appropriate to his/her language proficiency level. There are no prerequisites for this course. For more information about prerequisites, click here This section of the SPN 1131 is a fully online course, which means that we will employ technology to achieve all interaction between you, your classmates, and your instructor for the class. Learning Spanish by means of a computer based course will provide the following advantages: Self-pacing. The computer allows you to work ahead. However, as with other classes, you
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SPN Syllabus - Syllabus Page 1 of 11 GENERAL INFORMATION...

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