factors influencing heart rate in daphnia

factors influencing heart rate in daphnia - effect as...

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Josh Young 5/05/08 Endocrinology Lab Linda Malmgren Lab Report: Factors Influencing Heart Rate in Daphnia Introduction: This lab deals with the effects of epinephrine, caffeine, and nicotine on daphnia heart rate. The goal of this lab is to firstly observe the effects of these “drugs” on the daphnia, and secondly, try to understand daphnia physiology by studying the pharmacology of the substances applied. Relating to the effects such as heart rate, epinephrine acts to increase both the strength of contractions of the heart and the cardiac rate. Caffeine can act as a mild nervous system stimulant but it also acts on the myocardium, increasing both the strength of contraction and cardiac rate. Nicotine promotes transmission at the sympathetic ganglia which results in enhanced sympathetic nerve activity and in turn secretion of epinephrine (from the adrenal medulla in humans), so it would probably have a similar
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Unformatted text preview: effect as epinephrine on daphnia cardiac rate. Procedure: (see attached) Discussion: As can be seen in figure 1, nicotine was found to have the greatest effect on heart rate in daphnia (mean value of 192), second was epinephrine (mean value 160.8), and lastly was caffeine (mean value 244.8). This was not completely as expected, as nicotine had a greater effect on heart rate increase than epinephrine. Nicotine results in secretion of epinephrine, so there must have been a very strong dose of nicotine. This may be partial explanation to why nicotine is so addictive, as it is a stronger “drug” than the bodies own form of epinephrine. Fig 1: effects of varying drugs on daphnia heart rate trial epinephrine caffeine nicotine 1 144 66 222 2 162 108 240 3 198 168 264 4 216 210 258 5 240 252 240 Epinephrine had a mean value of 192, caffeine : 160.8, and nicotine : 244.8....
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factors influencing heart rate in daphnia - effect as...

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