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Communications - Chapter 10 Notes - Chapter 10:...

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Chapter 10: Communication and Mass Media September 15, 2006 What Is Mass Communication? Mass Communication: A form of communication through which institutional sources (often referred to as the media) address large, diverse audiences whose members are physically separated from one another Characteristics of Media Messages Media messages are unique in at least three ways: The source is usually complex profit-oriented Receivers are anonymous, dispersed in time and space Communication occurs through indirect channels that require specialized encoding and decoding technologies Institutional Sources : In mass communication contexts, messages, are the products of complex organizations composed of individuals who perform specialized functions Invisible Receivers : Little if any direct contact with receivers. Feedback is indirect and delayed. There are many of them. These viewers represent a variety of ages and social classes For example, one source of noise is the competition of other mediated messages Although all communication, this competition is fierce in mass media How Audiences and Media Messages Interact Although mediated messages have unique characteristics, mass communication in one way: sources and receives, form a relationship with one another Media theorists have passed questions about this relationship, concerning themselves with the functions fulfilled by the media Functions of the Media Sociologist Charles Wright, expanding on a model first developed by political scientist Harold Lasswell, identifies four media functions: surveillance, correlation,
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Communications - Chapter 10 Notes - Chapter 10:...

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