Lecture 16 11

Lecture 16 11 - /14/07 Cytoskeleton Actin Cytoskeleton...

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Lecture 16 11/14/07 Cytoskeleton – Actin Cytoskeleton Functions 1.) Structural support of cell 2.) Give cell shape and protect against deforming pressures 3.) Framework – determines where organelles are positioned 4.) Act as highway for vesicle transport 5.) Allows cells to move/cell movement o Flagella/cilia – cytoskeleton moves them o Cytoskeleton moves whole cell, for example if the membrane were to move forward, like how an amoeba moves forward 6.) Functions in cell division – aids in separation of chromosomes and physical separation of cells into two daughter cells 3 components of Cytoskeleton 1.) Actin 2.) Microtubules 3.) Intermediate filaments All 3 components are spread throughout entire cell Sometimes they are right under the plasma membrane This helps give the cell support and protect it against deforming pressures Nuclear Lamins are examples of intermediate filaments, give nucleus structural support Cytoskeleton is derived from soluble subunits that come together, make long filamentous polymers This happens through process of assembly and disassembly Actin – smallest of the cytoskeleton elements Smallest diameter – 8 nM Roles in cell: 1.) Cell Motility 2.) Cytokinesis (part of cell development) 3.) Altering cell shape 4.) Phagocytosis 5.) Important role in muscle contraction Protein is very highly conserved (not very divergent) o 88% same in mammals and in yeast o Indicates that it is important for the cell o Actin is a monomer that comes together to form filaments F Actin = Filamentous Actin aka microfilaments
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Lecture 16 11 - /14/07 Cytoskeleton Actin Cytoskeleton...

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