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Mam phy conduction pathways

Mam phy conduction pathways - without corresponding...

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Mam phy conduction pathways - Separated ventricles from atria with ligature #2: o Couldn’t see QRS (ventricular contraction) or T (ventricular repolarization) o Only got SV-P waves - Separated atria from sinus venosus with ligature #1: o Ideally, should see a difference between SV waves and P waves. o Ligature separates the SV from the atrial contractions. o QRS could mask the P-only waves because they look similar. o To tell the difference, QRS always corresponds with mechanical ventricular contraction. P-only waves can look like QRS complexes
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Unformatted text preview: without corresponding mechanical action. o SV-only waves are regular in repetition and SV-P looking. o Saw some QRS waves, but they due to spontaneous ventricular depolarization. o Distance between P wave and QRS isn’t consistent so we know what QRS wasn’t caused by the P wave. o If we were able to completely SV from atria, then you should see a distinct P wave and a distinct SV wave. -No fluid moving between the partitioned section, but can still measure electrical acitivity with the electodes -...
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