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Lecture 10 - Lecture#10 Thursday-1 Announcements Reading...

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Lecture #10 – Thursday 5/1/08 - 1 - Announcements: - Reading . Exam material will only cover topics covered in lecture, BUT that may or may not include the details your book covers about those topics. So basically, read the book . And if you don’t have enough time, at least skim it to gauge your understanding . - Midterm . No hats, no books, no notes. Scantrons will be provided, bring a pencil and some form of photo ID. o Exams will be returned a week following the exam on Tuesday, 5/13/08. If you do not want your test passed out with everyone else’s, you can get it from Professor Johnson’s secretary but you have to specify this when you turn your test in . o Regrades are accepted, but remember you’re taking a multiple choice scantron midterm and every scantron will be photo copied . So, good luck. (Check syllabus for procedure.) o VERY IMPORTANT – READ THIS PART: If you do not want to take the midterm, you don’t have to…And it won’t hurt your grade! Professor Johnson is giving you the option of taking: Midterm and Final Or just the Final If you choose to take both tests, we will average your 1/3 midterm + 2/3 final test grades and compare it to your final test grade alone. Your final class grade will be derived from the higher of the two . (We’ll even calculate it for you.) Of course, if you take the final test only, your final class grade will be based on that one, single, lonely test alone. Alone. Meaning, taking the midterm can only help, not hurt, your grade in the class. If you have questions about this, email before it’s too late. There are no make-up midterms, and EVERYONE has to take the final if you want to pass the class. _______________________________________________________________________ _ Last time: Interaction between the role of tumor formation in the context of telomerase change and the role of p53 in controlling tumor growth. Figure 10.34: A demonstration that increased telomere shortening associated with decreased telomerase activity does in fact increase tumor formation. - The assay has to be done this way in mice because the first couple of generations (G1 and G2) are not affected by the decreased telomerase and p53. - Only in later generations (G3<) do you see a higher propensity for tumorigenesis.
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Lecture #10 – Thursday 5/1/08 - 2 - - Chromosome-chromosome fusions occur as the telomeres shorten with each generation. Sister chromatids form “anaphase bridges” that don’t separate properly during mitosis in somatic cells and meiosis in germ cells. (The germ cell mutations will be passed to later generations.) Figure 10.35: Physical strain can break chromosomes. - Random breakage can lead to abnormal karyotypes. o
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Lecture 10 - Lecture#10 Thursday-1 Announcements Reading...

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