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The Age of Jackson Part Two

The Age of Jackson Part Two - The Age of Jackson Part Two...

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The Age of Jackson Part Two The Historical Reputation of Andrew Jackson Dominant ones of the 19 th century o Volatile presidents in historical reputation o Uncoof frontiersman o Demi-g-d “Progressive historians” of the early 20 th century o Celebrated as democratic hero Arthur Schlesinger Jr. o “The Age of Jackson” o Hero of New Orleans o FDR of 19 th century o Champion of the common man Mid-20 th century “entrepreneurial school” (Bray Hammond and Richard Hofstadter) o Expansionism o Capitalist Robert Remini o Reformer o End government corruption Jackson = champion of states’ rights Spoke of state sovereignty Jackson’s Concept of the Presidency / “Kitchen Cabinet” / “King Andrew” ***** Most aggressive president for state’s rights since Jefferson Thought of himself of the body of the will of the people even though he is chosen by electors not people During previous administrations power had been split up between congress and powerful cabinet heads Administrative experience before he became president was military he was Tennessee’s first representative in the House Fitted quickly and easily into leadership position took over leadership that he expected the other two branches Age of party discipline he showed his power over Congress by his use of vetoes Took over concept of leadership Vetoes more bills than any of his predecessors Would veto if he didn’t like a bill not because it was unconstitutional Veto power makes him equivalent to 2/3 of the Legislature power Except for Secretary of State treated cabinet as commander in chief Kitchen Cabinet = men not distinguished that would he would use to help him with his political decisions = had more confidence in his kitchen cabinet than his original cabinet Original cabinet breakup he had less need for unofficial cabinet because he had more faith in his new cabinet start of 2 nd term had almost no use for unofficial cabinet
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Frances Preston Blair = most important in unofficial cabinet Use of federal cabinet was viewed as negative “When I say no I mean no” “Comrades follow me” people should follow him in whatever he tells them to do Strong prejudices and contempt for expert advice sometimes did him no credit and arguably did the country harm Jackson erred in destroying the 2 nd National Bank instead of giving reforms Right or wrong he was a leader Some thought he was a reincarnation of Louis 16 who said “I am the State” Anti-Jacksonians called themselves Whigs began in 1834 People thought that Jackson had no regard for the Constitution Jackson American version of autocratic royalty in England that no one liked The Character of Andrew Jackson / Medical History (Lead Poisoning NOT Mercury) 2 bullets in his body after duel and brawl suffered from severe congestion in
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The Age of Jackson Part Two - The Age of Jackson Part Two...

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