The Age of Jackson Part One

The Age of Jackson Part One - The Age of Jackson Part One...

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The Age of Jackson Part One The Presidential Election of 1824 / “Corrupt Bargain” Charge / Clay-Randolph Duel ***** Monroe 2 nd administration dominated by political maneuvers to decide who would be Republican successor Three of the people running were in Monroe’s cabinet o John C. Calhoun = Secretary of War Withdrew from contest after Pennsylvania gave support to Jackson he counted on their support to win Announced for VP Ran on both Adams and Jackson ticket o William H. Crawford = Secretary of Treasury Leading candidate Congressional leaders and Monroe supported him Suffered strokes which shattered his health and hindered his chances should have withdrawn but his followers insisted he stay in the race o Secretary of State = John Quincy Adams Straight laced intellectual People thought he was natural successor Secretary of State usually ended up being president Henry Clay also ran o Reputation of frequent gambler o One of the most eloquent Congressional speakers o First term in Congress became Speaker of the House Andrew Jackson people wanted Jackson to run in order to take away support from everyone but Clay o Known nationally after winning New Orleans in War of 1812 o People put off by his personal life Popular vote split on regional lines Jackson wins south/west; Adams NE; Crawford southeast; Clay won border states Jackson wins largest number of popular and electoral but did not win the majority of either Decided by House of Representatives o Top 3 candidates get voted on in the house o Majority of state representatives required to win Because Clay not running he became the most influential man in Congress because since he was Speaker of the House he could influence how the House voted o Clay supports Adams Him and Adams were both Nationalistic Republicans If Jackson became President (he was from Tennessee) then the next president would probably be from a different region of the country
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The Age of Jackson Part One - The Age of Jackson Part One...

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