07-10-08 - Plant Diversity I How plants colonized land*the...

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07-10-08 Plant Diversity I: How plants colonized land ***the ancestors of terrestrial plants are considered to be Charophyceans*** Concept 29.1 Land Plants Evolved from green algae Charophyceans have been identified as the closest relative to land plants A. Four Key traits Land plants share with charophyceans a. Rose-shaped complexes for cellulose synthesis b. Preoxisome enzymes (break apart their metabolic byproduct hydrogen peroxide) c. Structure of flagellated sperm d. Formation of phragmatoplasts B. Genetic Evidence a. Comparisons of nuclear and chloroplast genes point to close relationship between Charophytes and land plants C. The move to Land a. Durable polymer sporopollenin found in charophyceans and land plants i. Prevents spores from drying out b. Greater opportunity for adaptive radiation i. Sunlight unfiltered by water and plankton ii. Abundance of CO2 iii. Nutrient-rich soil iv. Few herbivores and pathogens D. Defining the Plant kingdom a. Systematics are currently debating the boundaries of the plant kingdom b. some want to include some or all of the green algae c. we will use embryophyte definition of the kingdom Plantae
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i. fig 29.4
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07-10-08 - Plant Diversity I How plants colonized land*the...

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