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art2 - Resources for the Course Three of the following...

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Resources for the Course Three of the following texts are required. They are available in the bookstore and/or on reserve in Uris Library. Vicuna, Cecilia Bateson, Gregory Scarry, Elaine Feldman, Morton Rothko, Mark Feld, Steven Allen, C. L N. Garner 2002 Instan. Berkeley: Kelsey Books. ,<(A 1972 Steps to an Ecology of Mind. Chicago, University of Chicago Press*, .M< 1999 \On Beautvjmd Being^Justj Princeton: Princeton University Press. 2004 Give My Regards to Eighth StreetCollected Writings of MortonFeldman NY: D.A.P. Exact Change - 2006 ITgTArtist's Reality: Philosophies of Art, fyfew Haven: Yale University Press" 2004 Sound and Sentiment: Birds Weeping Poetics and Song in Kaluli Expression. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. Frayn, Michael Urton, Gary f.i2° 1997 Condor Qatay: Anthropology in Performance. Prospect Heights, 111.: Waveland Press. f"*' 2003 Copenhagen. NY: Samuel French Inc. 1997 [The Social Life of
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  • Summer '08
  • DADI,I
  • Yale University, Association of American Universities, Yale university Press, Elaine University Press, Cecilia Bateson

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