Art3 - 7/15-17 Phenomenology Anthropology and Artistic Disciplines Midterm Due Thursday July 17 Midterm option due turn in 1 of the following 2-3

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Isbell, Billie Jean 1977 "The Ontogenesis of Metaphor: Riddle Games among Quechua Speakers seen as Cognitive Discovery Procedures. Journal of Latin American Lore 3:1.19-49 (with Fredy Roncalla). Available on Isbell, Billie Jean Regina Harrison 1997 "Metaphor Spun: A Conversation with Cecilia Vicuna." In The Precarious: The Art and Poetry of Cecilia Vicuna, edited by M. Catherine de Zegher. Hanover: University Press of New England. Posted on 7/8-10 Multiple Dimensions and Aspects of Arts and Performance. Readings: Feldman, Rothko 7/12-13 Saturday and Sunday Weekend Fieldtrip to NYC: On Saturday, we will visit MOMA (the Folk Art Museum is optional). Saturday evening, we will see the Giselle performed by the American Ballet Theatre at the Lincoln Center. On Sunday, we will visit the Metropolitan Museum and meet Cecilia Vicuna in her studio.
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Unformatted text preview: 7/15-17 Phenomenology, Anthropology, and Artistic Disciplines Midterm Due Thursday July 17 Midterm option due turn in 1 of the following: 2-3 page paper 5 pages ofyour journal Readings: Scarry, Frayn, Oral Presentations, presentations of plays Class will be held at Prof. Billie Jean Isbell's house on Thursday, July 17 with a catered meal. 7/19 Saturday: Optional Day Trip to Saratoga Center for the Performing Arts 7/22-24 Cultural Signs, Performance, Ritual and Subjects of Performance Readings: Feld, Bateson - see Isbellandes site "Violence in Peru: Performances and Dialogues" For visuals see Retablos, Tablas and Arpilleras. 7/29-31 Cultural Aesthetics and Myths Professor Allen will visit the class on July 31 to work with the group presentation of Condor Qatay. Final paper(4-5 pages) or journal (10 pages) due on July 31,2008...
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