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CORRECTED input data (position and velocity vectors) on 10/13/05 R.G. Melton AERSP 309 HW #6 Fall 2005 (due Friday Oct. 21 at beginning of class) 1. (40 points) Write a computer program (Fortran, C, C++, Matlab, Mathematica, Mathcad, or Basic) that a. (5 pts) takes as input: a position vector (km) and a velocity vector (km/s) in perifocal coordinates for an Earth orbit initial time, t 1 later time, t 2 tolerance for the iterative procedure used to solve Kepler’s time eq. (you may use any of the iteration schemes that we discussed in class – DO NOT use any of the built-in iterators available in Matlab, Mathematica, or Mathcad)
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