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HO_01_02_key - B to A 4 Butter e The amounts shown axes of...

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Cal Poly Pomona, EC 201 Principles of Microeconomics Professor Bruce Brown Econ 201 Keys Handout #1 1) i) False; ii) True; iii) True; iv) False; v) False 2) a) 0 “tubs” ; b) 400 “tubs” c) A to B 1/4 Gun (100/400); B to C 3/4 Gun (150/200) ; C to D 5/2 Gun (250/100); d) D to C 2/5 Butter ; C to B 4/3 Butter
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Unformatted text preview: ; B to A 4 Butter ; e) The amounts shown axes of the PPF are flow variables Handout #2 1) a) Demand shifts left; b) Demand shifts right; c) Supply shifts right; d) Supply shifts left e) Demand curve does not shift, the fall in price causes movement along the demand curve down to the RIGHT ....
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