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EE 428 LINEAR CONTROL SYSTEMS ANALYSIS FALL 2007 Laboratory #1: Computer-Aided Control System Analysis and Design Part I: MATLAB command-line functions 1C A D T o o l s Control system engineers use computer-aided-design (CAD) tools for a variety of tasks including identifying a dy- namic model of a process from experimental data and simulating the response of a closed-loop system in order to study the tradeoF between performance measures such as actuator eFort, steady-state accuracy, and time response characteristics. Control designs for expensive systems, for example, jet aircraft, are extensively tested using CAD tools prior to veri±cation experiments with the actual system. MATLAB is a matrix-based computer-aided design tool frequently used by control systems engineers in a wide range of industries and applications. The ±rst three EE 428 laboratory sessions introduce three important MATLAB components: Lab 1: command-line functions Lab 2: symbolic math toolbox
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