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NET2800, Linux Professional Plus (1)

NET2800, Linux Professional Plus (1) - Virginia College...

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Virginia College NET2800 [Type text] Course Number: NET2800 Course Title: Linux Professional Plus Instructor Name: See Virtual Office for instructor information Date Range: See catalog for course dates Course Meeting: Attendance: Online Format You must log-in to class several times each week to check email, turn in assignments, participate in discussions and take quizzes. Credit Hours: 12 Lecture Hours: 95 Lab Hours: 65 Course Length: 11 Weeks Prerequisite(s): NET1110 & NET1115 Textbook: Linux+ Guide to Linux Certification, 4th Edition Jason W. Eckert triOS College ISBN-10: 1305107160 | ISBN-13: 9781305107168 © 2016 | Published Look under BOOK Information on the left–hand navigation bar inside your course under the Course Home button for information about your textbook and Last Review of Syllabus: Fall, 2015
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Virginia College NET2800 [Type text] online chapter information. Books will be delivered to the home address of all VC Online students. Check your personal e-mail (also check your bulk or junk mail folder) for a confirmation email that is sent after your books are shipped. This email will contain the order and tracking information of your textbook. If you have NOT received an email from the book distributor by Friday of Week 2, please contact your Student Advisor at 1-866-397-6656. He or she will help determine if there are any issues affecting your delivery and if further actions are needed. NOTE: FOR ON-GROUND STUDENTS WHOSE HOME CAMPUS IS NOT VC, ONLINE DIVISION, your books are sent to your home campus for distribution. Please contact your Program Director, Campus Librarian or Campus Liaison for information. Instructional Materials: Virtual Library (through the student portal at https://portal.vc.edu/VirtualLibrary.aspx or through Canvas by clicking the Virtual Library link); instructor notes, research, group interaction, case studies, textbook, and Internet sources. Course Description: This course is intended for students who want to learn about the Linux operating system and prepare to pass the Linux+ certification exam from CompTIA (Powered by LPI). It does not assume any prior knowledge of Linux and is geared toward those interested in systems administration as well as those who will use or develop programs for Linux systems. The course provides comprehensive coverage of topics related to Linux certification, including Linux distributions, installation, administration, X-Windows, networking, and security. Note: Certification examinations are optional and are paid for by the student. Course Objectives: Identify and describe different TCP/IP utilities and subnet masking.· Specify and determine remote access protocols and methods.· Design appropriate network security, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery procedures. Identify and describe network troubleshooting resources and utilities.
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