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Unformatted text preview: Introduction A fluid mechanics laboratory is essential in any Mechanical Engineering curriculum. In the laboratory, a wide variety of learning experiences, both planned and unplanned, are available to the inquisitive student. The specific goals planned for this course include, first of all, to reinforce the fundamentals of fluid mechanics presented in the lecture course, ME 33. In the laboratory, the often sterile equations and examples of the textbook can take on a new meaning as the student sees and measures phenomena first hand. To further this goal, many of these experiments contain a flow visualization component. An attempt has been made to keep the laboratory experiments simple, yet not too “cook book,” so that learning is enhanced within the time frame available. A second goal of the course is to enable the students to develop confidence, and to a certain degree, expertise, in the planning and execution of experiments. Some of the experiments provide flexibility such that the students can rearrange the apparatus or instrumentation to best achieve the...
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