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Final Exam & Solutions - Phys 116 Final 9:00-11:30 am...

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Phys. 116 Final 9:00-11:30 am, Dec. 16, 2003 1. (5 points) In one inertial reference frame, event A and event B occur at the same position, with A preceding B in time. Will A precede B in all other inertial reference frames? Explain. 2. (5 points. Dedicated to people with manual-transmission cars) Consider two disks, rotating about a common axis, with moments of inertia I 1 and I 2 . Initially they have rotational velocities ϖ 1 and ϖ 2 . Suppose that they are not subject to any external torques. A driver then brings the two disks into contact, and they stick together. Find the final angular velocity of the combined system. 3. (5 points) A mass on a spring is released from rest with amplitude x 0 . Because of viscous frictional forces, the mass does not return to its original position after one oscillation period. Rather, its maximum displacement is reduced by a distance x , where x << x 0 . Determine the quality factor of this oscillator using the definition Q = energy stored energy dissipated per radian . 4. (5 points) A cart moves on a track with a constant relativistic velocity v. A and B are observers at the two ends of the cart, and C and D are stationed along the track. We define event AC as the occurrence of A passing C, and event BD as B passing D. Suppose that events AC and BD are simultaneous in the cart’s reference frame. Are they simultaneous in the track’s reference frame? If not, which event is earlier in the track’s frame? v
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Final Exam & Solutions - Phys 116 Final 9:00-11:30 am...

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