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1 Chemistry 476 (Biological Chemistry) Final Examination December 18, 2006 Name: ___________________ ____________________ (First) (Last) You have 110 minutes. Do all work on these pages. It is in your best interests to be as clear and complete as possible, but you should avoid spending too much time on any one problem. You should answer them in whatever order is best for you. There are 27 questions worth a total of 222 points. This exam counts as 40/140 th of your final grade. Please initial the top of each page. Constants you may need: R = 0.001987 kcal/K mol F = 23.1 kcal/V mol TRUE/FALSE (CIRCLE YOUR ANSWER) (38 pts) 1.) (14) Use the structures below to answer the following questions. Circle your answer. a.) D-Ribose and D-Arabinose are enantiomers. True False b.) D-Ribose and D-Arabinose are diastereomers. True False c.) D-Ribose and D-Arabinose are epimers. True False d.) D-Arabinose and D-Xlyose are diastereomers. True False e.) D-Arabinose and D-Xlyose are epimers. True False f.) D-Ribose and D-Xylose are isomers. True False g.) D-Ribose and L-Ribose are enatiomers. True False 2.) (2) The following pair of sugars are anomers. True False
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2 3.) (22) a.) Phosphorylated sugars are less likely to exit the lipid bilayer True False than non-phosphorylated sugars. b.) Channels tend to transport ligands faster than pumps. True False c.) Phospholipids and glycolipids can form micelles. True False d.) Saturated fatty acids have higher melting points than unsaturated True False fatty acids of the same length. e.) The β -2-deoxy-D-ribose follows the general formula: [C(H 2 O)] n True False f.) ATP has the highest phosphoryl transfer potential of all biomolecules. True False g.) Creatine phosphate is a good long-term source of energy during True False exercise. h.) Human beings are not at thermodynamic equilibrium. True False (SKIP)i.) Most drugs have been discovered by a chemistry-first approach. True False j.) Under physiological conditions, two complementary DNA strands can True False assemble without any input of free energy from ATP. k.) In vivo, RNA can form much more complex structures than DNA
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Final_old - Chemistry 476(Biological Chemistry Final...

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