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Ryan Fianza TH 208 Prof. Bisesti 5-11-07 Discussion Points Name of Film: Thank You for Smoking Initial Impressions: -Director is Jason Reitman. -The movie seemed to get the audience to sympathize with Nick Naylor and the Big Tobacco companies. -1,200 people die each day in tobacco related deaths. -Some what of a Docu-entertainment type of movie. - Found it very neat on how they did the scene in which they compared the death tolls from Napolean to Nick Naylor. -The color of the movie seemed to resemble the life of smoking; yellow, musty. -Hollywood advertises cigarettes during the 30’s. -Played some pretty mellow songs regarding cigarettes. -Nick Naylor is a master in argument and advocacy. -The mod squad was really casually when they speak of the amount of deaths their product causes. -It seemed funny how the mod squad competes on how many deaths they have caused, but then again it’s wrong in every way. -I believe the boy in the movie functioned as to show Nick Naylor’s emotional side, even though he is responsible of millions of deaths. -A lot of acronyms are used in the movie, MOD, EGO, and RAV. -Seemed like this movie made it a way that smoking was cool. -The real Marlboro man died from lung cancer, and before he died ran an anti-smoking
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thankyouforsmoking - Ryan Fianza TH 208 Prof. Bisesti...

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