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BMB428 Dr. Song Tan Physical Chemistry with Biological Applications Fall 2007 (edited 9/26/06) Problem Set 7: A Molecular Interpretation of Entropy Due Sept 20, 2007 1. Define a spontaneous process. Does a spontaneous process happen quickly? 2. In this and the next problem set, we will be examining the concept of entropy. (a) Explain in words the molecular or statistical nature of entropy, S. (b) What is the thermodynamic or mathematical definition of dS, the change in entropoy. (c) What does dS, the change in entropy, allow us to predict? 3. Consider a container with two different parts, A and B. We will assume for the experiments below that we have an easy way to see whether molecules are in part A or part B of the box. (a) If we put a single molecule of an ideal gas into the container and the dividing line for the box is arranged such that V A = V B , what is the probability, W A , that the molecule will be found on the A side of the box when we look at it? (b)
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