FE_s96 - EE 429 FINAL EXAM 29 APRIL 1996 Name ID DO NOT...

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EE 429 FINAL EXAM 29 APRIL 1996 Name: ID#: DO NOT TURN THIS PAGE UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO nnn Problem Weight Score 1 25 2 25 3 25 4 25 Total 100 This test consists of four problems. Answer each problem on the exam itself; if you use additional paper, repeat the identifying information above, and staple it to the rest of your exam when you hand it in. The quality of your analysis and evaluation is as important as your answers. Your reasoning must be precise and clear; your complete English sentences should convey what you are doing. For your convenience, a z-Transform table is provided on page 15 and a calibrated scale is given on page 16. 1
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Problem 1: (25 points) The sampled-data system shown in Fig. 1 consists of a proportional controller with gain K and a plant with transfer function G ( z ). The sample period is T =0 . 1 sec. In Fig. 2 on page 4, the root locus of the closed-loop system is shown as K varies from zero to in±nity. The DC gain of the plant is 2.6. ±² ³´ ± ± ± ± ² - + R ( z ) Y ( z ) G ( z ) K Plant Figure 1: Closed-loop sampled-data system with proportional gain K . Please answer parts (i) through (v) by directly using Fig. 2. Do not solve this problem by fnding G ( z ) From the root-locus plot. 1. (5 points) Find the maximum gain K for which the closed-loop system is BIBO stable. 2. (5 points) Compute the value of K that will result in a natural response which contains a term of the form (0 . 1) k .
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FE_s96 - EE 429 FINAL EXAM 29 APRIL 1996 Name ID DO NOT...

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