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BMB428 Dr. Song Tan Physical Chemistry with Biological Applications Fall 2007 1 Problem Set 25: Enzyme Kinetics - Intermediate Concepts Due Dec 6, 2007 1. Once an enzyme kinetics experiment is finished, the first step in analyzing the data is to graph the results. Since straight lines are easier to interpret than hyperbolic equations, the Michaelis-Menton equation is rewritten in the form of a straight line. Start with the following version of the Michaelis Menton equation and rewrite it in terms of a straight line where the y-axis will be 1/ v and the x-axis will be 1/[S]: v V [S] K [S] max M = + A graph of 1/ v versus 1/[S] is called a Lineweaver-Burk plot. What are the slope and intercept of this line? 2. Suppose that you were studying an enzyme which had a single substrate and was known to follow the Michaelis-Menton mechanism. You took the wild-type enzyme and made a site-directed mutation to it. Your mutation significantly INCREASED k -1 for the reaction but did not alter either k
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bmb428_problemset25 - BMB428 Physical Chemistry with...

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