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BMB428 Dr. Song Tan Physical Chemistry with Biological Applications Fall 2007 Problem Set 1: The Language of Thermodynamics, Ideal Gases Due Aug 30, 2007 Please note that your answers will be collected at the beginning of class on Thursday. Problem sets will not be accepted after the first five minutes of class. You are strongly encouraged to work with other students in the class on this and all other problem sets for the course. Please list (on the first page of your answers) the other people in the group that you have worked with. Clearly indicate who was responsible for creating the final version of the problem set you hand in. Your study group should contain at most four people. Only one set of answers is required for each group. You should make a copy of your answers so that you can refer to them during the discussion. 1. Common types of systems are open, closed, isolated and adiabatic. (a)
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