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BMB428 Dr. Song Tan Physical Chemistry with Biological Applications Fall 2007 Problem Set 4: First Law of Thermodynamics Due Sept 11, 2007 As with Problem Sets 1 & 3, groups of four or fewer students can hand in a problem set together. Your group MUST choose a different person to write the final answers than you used previously. 1. What is a process, and how do you know that a process has occurred in a system? (Hint: Use the term "property" in your answer. Make sure you can define what a "property" is.) 2. Are there any equilibrium states between the initial and final state of an irreversible process? Why or why not? 3. Define the First Law of Thermodynamics. Specify whether the first law applies to the system or surrounding. 4. There are two types of systems which are very convenient for thermodynamic measurements: adiabatic and isothermal. (a) What is the difference between an adiabatic system and an isothermal system? (b) What is q for the adiabatic compression of an ideal gas.
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bmb428_problemset04 - BMB428 Physical Chemistry with...

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