HW9a - Chem 476 HW 9 Due"Catalytic Strategies Name Please...

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1 Chem 476 HW 9 Due Nov 12, 2007 “Catalytic Strategies” Name:________________________ Please complete all questions. Do your work on additional sheets of paper and staple to the back of this sheet. Do not put your answers on this page. You may work with your classmates on this and all homework assignments. I will grade the same three questions for all students and post the answers to the questions after they are due. I.) Problems from the textbook and supplement (do not hand in). Answers are in the textbook (short answers) and supplement (full answers to text AND supplement), but work through on your own first. : Text: 9.1-13 (Most are short answer) Supp: 9.1, 2, 4-6, 9, 10, 15 II.) Additional Problems to hand in : 1.) PALA is an inhibitor of ATCase. What kind of an inhibition do you think it displays? As shown in Figure 10.7, PALA is a bisubstrate analog for ATCase. Because it mimics the substrates joined in the first oxyanion intermediate, PALA most likely binds to the same site on ATCase as the substrates, and the inhibition is therefore most likely competitive 2.) Nearly 1/3 of all eukaryotic proteins are controlled by protein phosphorylation in which the kinase adds the phosphate and a phosphatase takes it off. a.) What is the common nucleophile for all kinase reactions? Answer by providing a reaction scheme in which ATP reacts with this nucleophile and provides the proper products. The nucleophile common to serine, threonine and tyrosine is the hydroxyl.
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2 Arg+ Arg+ Gly small Ala Ile R - R - R big R h-bond R hydrophobic b.) From a chemists perspective, why do you think serine and threonine can be phosphorylated by the same protein kinase, while tyrosines require their own protein kinase? Your answer should take into account the p K
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HW9a - Chem 476 HW 9 Due"Catalytic Strategies Name Please...

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