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008 final 2007 key

008 final 2007 key - 1 Final Examination Anthropology 008...

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1 Final Examination, Anthropology 008, Fall 2007 (134 total points) Prof. Webster Student Name and I.D. ___________________________ . I. Multiple choice. Circle the letter of the best answer according to lectures, web postings, films, and readings (3 points each): 1) According to class lectures, Tatiana Proskouriakoff is important because a) she was the first to understand that Macchu Picchu was a royal estate; b) she was the first person to demonstrate that Classic Maya writing conveyed historical information; c) she found the first great royal burial at the site of Tikal in 1952; d) she was a famous explorer of Maya ruins in the 19 th century; e) she showed that Maya writing was basically pictographic in content. 2) The bar and dot mathematical symbols used by the Classic Maya 3) Which is true of succession to the office of Classic Maya king or ruler as described in class? 4) Which of the following is true of the Maya Long Count calendar? 5) In class we discussed a number of things that Maya kings clearly did. Which is not one of them?; a) They were patrons of art and architecture; b) They married spouses from other dynasties for political advantage; c) They were featured in many rituals; d) They participated in diplomatic negotiations; e) They handed down important legal decisions.
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