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w07mTreview - Chapter 8 How Cells Harvest Energy from Food...

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REVIEW SHEET FOR BIO 110 MIDTERM MWF section: Wednesday, 07 February TTh section: Thursday, 08 February Winter Quarter, 2007 All handouts are posted on Blackboard Chapter 1: The Science of Biology É Concentrate on your lecture notes: What is Science; What is Biology; Attributes (= Properties) of Life; Scientific Method; Theories Chapter 3: The Chemistry of Life É Concentrate on your lecture notes: atomic structure, atomic number, mass; chemical bonds: characteristics; Carbon: bonding properties, recognize functional groups Chapter 4: Molecules of Life É Concentrate on your lecture notes: macromolecules, particularly monomers, polymers and functions Chapter 5: Cells É Concentrate on your lecture notes, particularly functions; organelles: functions and/or key features; membrane-bound and non membrane-bound; lecture handout (both sections) É Concentrate on your lecture notes: diffusion, osmosis and transport types; components of a biological membrane; lecture handout (MWF section only) Chapter 6: Energy and Life, pgs. 116–118 (ATP and Redox Rxns)
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 8: How Cells Harvest Energy from Food É Cellular respiration and ATP: concentrate on your lecture notes: organelle, where the steps take place, net ATP production, macromolecules used, biosynthesis; handout (both sections) Chapter 24: The Animal Body and How It Moves: tissues, pgs. 486 É Concentrate on your lecture notes and handout (both sections): types, functions, characteristic features; handout (both sections) Helpful hints: this is a lecture exam, so, concentrate on your lecture notes. When the material presented in lecture is more detailed than in the text, you are responsible for the more detailed version. If I were going to be studying for my own midterm, I would know my lecture notes front-wards, back-wards, side-wards, up-side-down and on the diagonal. fh fh fh fh fh fh fh fh fh fh fh fh fh If you have questions, please feel free to e-mail me: [email protected]
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