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11 Review - !Lewis Symbols"Be able to use the periodic...

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Chem 110 Exam I Review 1 ! Lewis Symbols " Be able to use the periodic table to determine the number of valence electrons " Know the preferred valence of an atom (first row main group atoms) " Be able to draw the Lewis symbol for an atom " Know the octet rule and why we use it " Know how to calculate formal charge •FC=VE-LSE •Can help determine best L.S. •Following octet rule is more important than formal charge if possible Chem 110 Exam I Review 2 ! Rules for Drawing Lewis Structures " Count number of valence electrons " Write the atoms and connect with single bonds " Determine how many electrons remain to be distributed; distribute them " If not enough e - , make multiple bonds to complete octets " If too many e - , put them on the central atom (period 3 and below on the periodic table)
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Chem 110 Exam I Review 3 ! Resonance " Which molecules have resonance structures? " Which one is the best picture of the bonding? " Know that these molecules are more stable " How does resonance affect bond length and strength?
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