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008 mt2 2007 key - 1 ANTH. 008 Mid-term Examination 2 (100...

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1 ANTH. 008 Mid-term Examination 2 (100 points) Spring 2007 NAME___________________________ ID#______________________ Part I . Multiple choice: circle the letter of the best answer (2 points each): 1) Which of the following is not true of the Inka capital in 1532? a) It was situated at an elevation of over 11,000 feet above sea level; b) Multiple palaces housed social groups related to living or past Inka rulers; c) The core zone housed an estimated 20,000-40,000 hereditary Inkas; d) Its central plaza was a huge marketplace ; e) It probably would seem less “urban” to us than the Aztec capital. 2) The Inka economic system a) was greatly enriched by the activities of professional merchants, who resembled the Aztec pochteca; b) was heavily dependent on various forms of redistribution; c) didn’t require labor from its citizens, but did demand that they give much of their household production to the state; d) benefited greatly when the rich lands of the Peruvian coast, with their lush pastures so suitable for domestic llamas, was added to the empire; e) was heavily dependent on potatos, which were grown on the coast and which were the raw material for beer. 3) Which of the following best describes how the Aztecs thought about world creation? a) They believed the gods created the world on the shores of Lake Titicaca; b) They believed that their own world, unlike previous ones, was perfect and permanent; c) Theirs was the second world, which replaced the first, imperfect world created by the gods; d) The god presiding over the present world was Tampu (or Tambo); e) People owed sacrifices to the gods because the gods had sacrificed themselves to create the world. 4) Which of the following best describes Aztec notions of the afterlife? a) Everyone went to a dark, unpleasant place called Teotl; b) What happened to a person after death depended largely upon how he/she died; c) Only male warriors could enjoy an afterlife in company with the Sun God; d) Aztec religion was largely concerned with ethics, and how one should behave during life in order guarantee a pleasant afterlife; e) The souls of dead people were eaten by a giant earth monster. 5) The Mochica (or Moche) a) were conquered by the Inka in about 1450; b) were created by the great god Tezcatlipoca. c) quickly allied with Spanish invaders to overthrow the Inkas;
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008 mt2 2007 key - 1 ANTH. 008 Mid-term Examination 2 (100...

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