HW3a - Chem 476 HW 3 Due Sept 12, 2007 "Imaging of...

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1 Chem 476 HW 3 Due Sept 12, 2007 “Imaging of Proteins in Cells” Name:________________________ Please complete all questions. Do your work on additional sheets of paper and staple to the back of this sheet. Do not put your answers on this page. You may work with your classmates on this and all homework assignments. I will grade the same three questions for all students and post the answers to the questions after they are due. I.) Problems from the textbook and supplement (do not hand in). Answers are in the textbook (short answers) and supplement (full answers to text AND supplement), but work through on your own first. : Text: 3.1, 3, 5-7, 10-15, 17, 19 Supp: 3.1-3, 5, 7-8, 10-14 II.) Additional Problems to hand in : Paper: “Squint Busters” (2006) , 49-52. Define these terms: (Feel free to use other resources and to work together). NIH, NICHD, and 1 other NIH institute (see http://www.nih.gov/icd/ ) The N ational I nstitutes of H ealth is the major funding agency in the US for medically related research. Like the name implies, the NIH is composed of numerous Institutes (currently 20). One of these is NICHD (N ational I nstitute of C hild H ealth and Human D evelopment), which is discussed in this article. Another institute, from which many chemists receive their funding, is NIGMS (National Institute for General Medical Sciences) PALM P hotoa ctivated l ocalization m icroscopy STORM S tochastic o ptical r econstruction m icroscopy STED S timulated e mission d
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HW3a - Chem 476 HW 3 Due Sept 12, 2007 "Imaging of...

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