L1-2 - L1 start here Berg Tymoczko Stryer Biochemistry...

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1 1 Biochemistry Sixth Edition Chapter 1: Biochemistry: An Evolving Science Copyright © 2007 by W. H. Freeman and Company Berg • Tymoczko • Stryer 2 Philosophy of this course: •In one way or another, biochemistry underlies the majority of research in modern chemistry . It is critical that chemists have an appreciation of biological chemistry. The goal of this course is to provide you with the background necessary to understand and solve significant problems in this area. Because the field is rapidly evolving, an emphasis is placed on recent breakthroughs and current literature. We are using a text copyrighted in 2007. •There is no ‘new’ chemistry here. Just a different expression of principles laid down in your organic, physical, and analytical chemistry classes . 3 on Chemistry in Biology: •As Arthur Kornberg (Nobel Prize in Medicine, 1987) put it eloquently: “ Much of life can be understood in rational terms if expressed in the language of chemistry. It is an international language, a language for all of time, and a language that explains where we came from, what we are, and where the physical world will allow us to go. Chemical language has great esthetic beauty and links the physical sciences to the biological sciences. •Tom Cech (Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1989) said, “ More generally, the reason chemistry has been important in the biology that I've done in the lab is the way that a chemist thinks about problems, which is really quite different from someone with just a biological training ," Cech continued. “Chemists tend to think quantitatively, in terms of rate constants and equilibrium constants, and we know about free energies and how to measure them," he noted. "And
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L1-2 - L1 start here Berg Tymoczko Stryer Biochemistry...

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