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Chem 476 September 10, 2007 Quiz 2 Name:________________________ Please complete all questions. You have 10 minutes for the quiz. 1.) (20) Draw the structure of tyrosine. Draw just the side chain. 2.) (20) Two of the amino acid sidechains have chiral centers. Name one of them. (You don’t have to draw it) isoleucine or threonine 3.) (20) Draw an amino acid with the correct protonations at pH 2. Use ‘R’ for the sidechain.
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Unformatted text preview: 4.) What is the p K a of glutamic acid? (Need to be within 1 p K a unit to get credit). 4.1 5a.) (10) Circle the peptide bond: It is the 1.32 Å bond below 5b.) (10) Is there free rotation about the peptide bond? Yes or No (Circle your answer). Electron donation from the N gives double bond character, which hinders rotation....
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