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Chem 476 October 12, 2007 Quiz 6 Name:________________________ Please complete all questions. You have 10 minutes for the quiz. 1.) (25) A biochemist discovered a new globin gene and found it was saturable for CO(g) and had modest cooperativity. Sketch the saturation curve she plotted. Be sure to label your axes. Should be a plot of f sat. vs [CO] (or pCO). The shape should be mildly sigmoidal and level off at high [CO]. 2.) (10) Draw the structure of superoxide. O=O - or O 2 - is OK 3.) (20) The sequential model for O 2 binding to hemoglobin has ___
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Unformatted text preview: 5 _ states, while the more complex MWC model has __ 10 __ states. 4.) (20) What is the main advantage of cooperative binding for hemoglobin? Answer your question in terms of resting and exercise. Cooperativity allows large amounts of O 2 to be released over a narrow change in pO 2 . This is important during exercise because more oxygen is demanded by tissues. 5.) (25) Iron in deoxyhemoglobin is 5-coordinate. What are the 5 ligands? Be as specific as possible. The four nitrogens of tetrapyrrole and the distal histidine...
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