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Chem 476 September 5, 2007 Quiz 1 Name:______ Answer Key __________________ Please complete all questions. You have 10 minutes for the quiz. 1.) (20) Draw the structure of alanine. Draw the entire amino acid, not just the side chain. 2.) (20) Draw the structure of cytosine. This is just the base. For the sugar-phosphate, just use ‘R’. 3.) (20) True or False (circle your answer) A.) Eukaryotes diverged from Bacteria. True False (Eukaryotes diverged from Archaea) B.) Earth formed approximately 4.5 million years ago.
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Unformatted text preview: True False (Earth was formed about 4.5 billion years ago) C.) Biology follows the laws of chemistry. True False D.) The hydrophobic effect is defined by an overall favorable entropy change. True False 4.) (20) Provide the complementary sequence to 5’-GGACCGT-3’. Be sure to indicate your 5’- and 3’- ends. 5’-ACGGTCC-3’ 5.) (20 List two of the major non-covalent interactions in most biopolymers. Hydrogen bonding, van der Waals (or London Dispersion) interactions, electrostatics, hydrophobic effect....
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