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MATH 580 - Fall 2004 Introduction to Applied Mathematics I Andrew Belmonte Time: TR 9:45 - 11:00 AM Location: 018 Henderson Bldg (Tues) & 221 Hammond Bldg (Thurs) - to be changed! Schedule Number: 338641 This graduate course covers some of the techniques in applied mathematics that are not necessarily included in regular courses, but are essential to the fields of physics, chemistry, engineering, and other sciences. Its purpose is to introduce graduate students with diverse backgrounds to several fundamental ideas in applied mathematics, in order to prepare them for graduate work that involves the use of advanced mathematics. This two semester course is the result of a collaborative effort between several departments. During the first semester the emphasis will be on the physical and mathematical notions of vectors and tensors, and also on these unifying concepts: projection/decomposition, trans- forms/mappings/operators and their inverses, and solution/approximation. Syllabus
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