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BMB/MICRB 252, EXAM 1, FEB 3, 2006 1 BMB/MICRB 252 – February 3, 2006 - Exam 1 Use #2 pencil. Answer all questions on the enclosed optical read form. There is only one answer for each question. Read the question carefully and choose the best answer. Write your name and student I.D. number and fill in the corresponding oval. Be sure that your TEST FORM letter matches you EXAM FORM letter. This is EXAM FORM A There are 33 questions. This exam ends at 11:00 am 1 Which is NOT an example of a typical component of the signal transduction process? A. Calcium B. PDGF receptor C. NF- κ B D. Wnt E. Vitamin C 2 Which is NOT commonly involved in intracellular signaling? A. ATP B. Tyrosine side chain of a protein C. Guanine nucleotide exchange factor D. Phosphoenolpyruvate E. MAP kinase kinase kinase 3 What type of activity will a trimeric G protein have that a monomeric G protein lacks ? A. GTPase B. Kinase C. Phospholipase C stimulation D. Protease E. Membrane binding 4 Which of the following is NOT a typical signal that at least some human cells respond to? A. Music from Kanye West’s latest album B. Stomatal closure C. Capsaicin in chili peppers D. Glucocorticoids E. Cytokines 5 What did Dr. Hwang of South Korea do to commit scientific fraud? A. He falsely claimed to have cloned human embryos B. He falsely claimed to have cloned the sheep named Dolly C. He falsely claimed to have cloned an adult human D. He falsely claimed to have clonally propagated human tissue cells in culture E. He falsely claimed to have developed a cat/dog hybrid called a ‘cog’.
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BMB/MICRB 252, EXAM 1, FEB 3, 2006 2 6 Olfactory nerves are regenerated from stem cells. What prevents Olfactory stem cells from differentiating into neurons. A. Notch interactions with a Delta-like protein embedded in the plasma membrane of neighboring cells. B. Wnt interactions with frizzled C. IkB interactions with jun/fos D. Catenin interactions with Lef1 E. Olfactory receptors interacting with trimeric G proteins 7 Why are males more susceptible to red-green color blindness than females? A. Females produce estrogen which, along with the estrogen receptor, stimulate production of red and green rhodopsin. B. Males tend to run more red and green traffic lights than females C. Many males carry mutations in the blue rhodopsin gene, which makes them red-green color blind D. The red and green opsin genes are located on the X chromosome but not on the Y chromosome. E. Males produce testosterone which represses red and green rhodopsin production 8 What do the following proteins have in common? Cubitus interuptus, Notch, NF-kB, glucocorticoid receptor, and protein kinase A
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exam1a_sp06 - BMB/MICRB 252, EXAM 1, FEB 3, 2006 1...

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