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FallSwineManureAnalysis - Ash • The enclosed fact sheet...

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(814) 863-0841 Agricultural Analytical Services Laboratory The Pennsylvania State University University Park PA 16802 Fax (814) 863-4540 Elizabethville PA 17023 E. Money Z. RD # 1 Box 25 MANURE ANALYSIS REPORT Analysis Report For: Analyte Solids: Total Nitrogen (N) 3.8 4.58 19.12 Ammonium N (NH 4 -N) Calculated Organic N Total Phosphate (P 2 O 5 ) Total Potash (K 2 O) 5.04 21.03 4.10 17.09 9.24 2.22 lb/ton lb/1000 gal Comments: % Results on as sampled (wet weight) basis 6.80 28.36 Covered Storage-Top Loaded MATERIAL: Manure TYPE: Swine (other) LAB ID: M00003 STORAGE SYSTEM: REPORT DATE: 11/18/1998 COUNTY: DATE SAMPLED: 10/23/98 SAMPLE ID: Fall Swine Copy To: Volatiles (%) Nitrate Nitrogen pH Carbon (C) (%) C:N Ratio NR (lb/ton) (lb/1000 gal)
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Unformatted text preview: Ash (%) • The enclosed fact sheet “Using Your Manure Analysis Report” provides information to help you interpret this report and calculate appropriate manure application rates for your crops. • Manure nutrients are not all equivalent to fertilizer nutrients. Phosphorus and potassium can be substituted directly for fertilizer to meet your soil test recommendation. Nitrogen (N) availability varies with handling. This must be accounted for in utilizing manure to meet soil test N recommendations. See the enclosed fact sheet “Using Your Manure Analysis Report” Optional Test Results: Dauphin...
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