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02ManureProductionWorksheet - Total Raw Manure...

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Worksheet 2 Manure Production Worksheet Manure Group Animal Group Number of Animals Weight (lb) Number of AUs Daily Manure Production Per AU (lb or gal) Total Days Manure Produced in Period Total Raw Manure Produced in Period tons or gallons) Days in Period Some Manure Not Collected Hours Per Day Manure Not Collected Total Uncollected Manure (tons or gallons)
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Unformatted text preview: Total Raw Manure Collected (tons or gallons) Total Bedding Added to Manure Group (tons or gallons) Rainfall and Runoff Collected (gallons) Total Washwater Added to Manure Group (gallons) Total Manure to be Managed Per Animal Group (tons or gallons) Total Manure to be Managed Per Manure Group (tons or gallons) 418 October 2004...
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