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Manure Information Sheet Manure Analysis Results Manure Types N Analysis P 2 O 5 Analysis K 2 O Analysis Units Dairy Liquid 27 12 23 lb/1000 gal Dairy Solid 11 5 7 lb/ton Manure Storage Information Storage Dimensions 100 ft x 50 ft x 14 ft (deep) Exercise Lot Information Concrete Barnyard Dimensions 100 ft x 100 ft Runoff directed to manure storage Manure Additions Information Manure Group Washwater Flush Water Bedding Units Cows 400 gallons/day
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Unformatted text preview: Heifers 30 tons/year Calves 10 tons/year Other Nutrient Sources Information None Manure Application Equipment Information Manure Spreaders Box Spreader 10 tons Tank Spreader 3000 gallons Calibrated Application Rates Solid Spreader Rates 20 tons/acre Liquid Spreader Rates 4000 & 8000 gallons/acre Manure Export History No manure exported in the past. 418 Dairy 2004...
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