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Simulations of Gas Particles

Simulations of Gas Particles - Simulations of Gas Particles...

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Simulations of Gas Particles: The following website gives you a chance to see a simulation of “gas” atoms. Visit the website and answer the corresponding questions. Be sure to have the simulation available in a separate window and play around with the simulation to familiarize yourself with what you can do before you try. KMT Movies: http://intro.chem.okstate.edu/ Click on ‘simulation.’ You will find the link in the middle of the page next to “laboratory simulation” (which is a different link). 1) a) Are all of the spheres moving at the same speed? b) Are the spheres moving in the same or in a similar direction? c) If the spheres represent molecules, which state of matter (gas, liquid or solid) are these most like? Play around with the sliders so you get an idea of how you can change things yourself. Also try to select a different radio button. That will “fix” the value of one of the variables and then you can change other ones to see what will happen. Make the following changes and answer the questions.
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