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04CropNutrientandManureAllocationWorksheet - (from Agronomy...

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Worksheet 4 Crop Nutrient & Manure Allocation Worksheet Field Identification or Crop Group Acres Expected Yield Manure or Legume History Planned Fertilizer P Soil Test (ppm) (>200) Distance from water (ft) (<150’) P Index Part B Required Yes No N P 2 O 5 K 2 O Recommendation lb/A (from soil test report) Fertilizer Applied (lb/A) (from Worksheet 5) Residual Manure N (lb/A) (from Worksheet 6) Legume N (lb/A) (from Worksheet 7) Net Nutrient Requirement Manure Nutrient Content Nitrogen Availability Factor
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Unformatted text preview: (from Agronomy Guide, Table 1.2-14) Manure Group Available Nitrogen Spreading Season Balanced Manure Rate Days to Incorporation Actual Planned Manure Rate Notes Total Manure Nutrients Applied Nutrient Balance After Manure Supplemental Nutrients Planned per Acre Final Nutrient Balance (After All Nutrients Applied) Total Manure from this Manure Group Utilized on this Field or Crop Group 418 October 2004...
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