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Farm Information Sheet Name of Operator C. M. Byrd Address R.D. #3, Box 225, Turkeyfoot Rd. Halifax, PA 17032 Directions 3 miles north of Halifax; west side of Route 147 Phone Number 717-362-7777 Fax Number None Email Address None County Dauphin County Total Acres of Operation 135 acres Owned 110 acres Rented 20 acres Acres Available For Manure Application 122 acres Owned 102 acres Rented 20 acres Receiving stream: Armstrong Creek DEP Special Protection Waters None Conservation Plan Current and implemented Contingency Plan General one with manure storage General Farm Description: This turkey unit consists of two production houses, starter and finisher. Each produces 12,000 birds in a batch. Six flocks of birds are raised each year from 1/2 pound to 7 pounds in 45 days in the starter units. There is approximatly 3 weeks douwntime between flocks. Six flocks are then finished each year in the finisher unit from 7 pounds to 13 pounds in 50 days. There is about 10 days downtime between flocks in
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Unformatted text preview: the finisher unit. There are a total of 115 acres available for manure application. The main crop is corn with some soybeans and a little bit of grass hay. The starter house is cleaned between every flock. The finisher house is cleaned after every three flocks. Manure is stacked on the ground behind the house when it is not suitable to spread. At one time this was a dairy farm with a freestall barn and small liquid manure storage. The farmer has worked out an agreement with a neighboring dairy farmer to house 50 heifers in these old facilities. Part of the agreement is that the dairy farmer will spread the heifer manure on the turkey farmer’s land. These heifers have access to a small pasture for exercise about 4 hour per day year round. Name of Plan Developer ___________________________________________ Certification Number of Plan Developer _______________________ 418 Poultry 2004...
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