AME514-F06-PS5 - AME 514 Applications of Combustion - Fall...

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AME 514 Applications of Combustion - Fall 2006 Assignment #5: Due Monday 12/11/06, at 11:00 am, i.e. at the time of the final exam. Scanned and emailed homework is greatly preferred (please email directly to the grader, David Clayton (, but paper copy is acceptable if scanning is too inconvenient . This time, late homework will not be accepted!!! Period!!! We have only 3 days to grade everything after the final exam… Part 1: paper review ONLY PAPERS ON THE APPROVED LIST BELOW ARE ACCEPTABLE. EXCEPTIONS CAN BE MADE WITH PRIOR APPROVAL FROM PDR. Read any of the research papers listed below. For your convenience, most of the papers are available on the class website in the /Lecture13/ folder (you’re welcome…) In most cases you can tell from the title what the subject is but in a few cases I’ve mentioned the importance of the paper. Budrene E.O., Berg H. C., "Complex patterns formed by motile cells of E. coli," Nature 349, 630 (1991). (Sorry, only paper copy available.) Clavin, P., Masse, L. (2004). “Instabilities of ablation fronts in inertial confinement fusion: A comparison with flames.” Physics of Plasmas 11:690-705. Clavin, P., Williams, F. A. (2004). “Asymptotic Spike Evolution in Rayleigh-Taylor Instability.” J. Fluid. Mech. 525:105-113. Clavin, P., Almarcha C. (2005). “Ablative Rayleigh-Taylor instability in the limit of an infinitely large density ratio.” Comptes Rendus Mechanique 333:379-388. Gamezo, V. N., Khokhlov, A. M., Oran, E. S., Chtchelkanova, A. Y., Rosenberg, R. O.
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This note was uploaded on 07/22/2008 for the course AME 514 taught by Professor Ronney during the Fall '06 term at USC.

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AME514-F06-PS5 - AME 514 Applications of Combustion - Fall...

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