AME514-F06-PS1 - AME 514 Applications of Combustion - Fall...

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AME 514 Applications of Combustion - Fall 2006 Assignment #1; Due Thursday 9/21/06, 4:30 pm. Scanned and emailed homework is greatly preferred (please email directly to the grader, David Clayton (, but paper copy (delivered to my mailbox just outside my office, OHE 430J) is acceptable if scanning is too inconvenient. Part 1: paper review Read any one of the research papers (not review papers, not textbooks) listed in the reference section of lectures 1 – 3. Some suggested papers and a few others are listed below (along with the reason I think they're important papers). If you have another paper relevant to the subjects of lectures 1 – 3 that you'd really like to read instead of one of my references because it relates to your research or work, I'll consider it, but you'll have to get my approval in advance . Notice that most of these papers are somewhat older, but this is partly intentional since these papers have “stood the test of time” at least in my opinion. Papers written by me are off limits, because you need to be free to criticize the paper, which you might not feel comfortable doing to my papers (at least, if you know what’s good for you…) The hyperlinked papers are ready for download. I have most of the others in paper form; please see me to get said paper copy (Brownie points for scanning your selected paper for me.) Spalding, D. B., Proc. Roy. Soc . (London) A240, 83 (1957). (Classical theory of flame extinction by heat loss. The mathematical techniques are obsolete but the physical insights are timeless.) Levy, A., Proc. Roy. Soc . (London) A283, 134 (1965). (Shows S = 0.3 gd at the upward flammability limit.) Jarosinsky, J., Strehlow, R. A., Azarbarzin, A., 19th Symp. (International) on Combustion , Combustion Institute, Pittsburgh, 1982, p. 1549. (Demonstration of limit mechanisms for upward and downward propagating flames in tubes.) Giovangligli, V. and Smooke, M. D., Combust. Sci. Tech . 87, 241 (1992). (Numerical study of adiabatic flames showing S L 0 and δ as mixture is made very lean or rich.) Krivulin, V. N., Kudryavtsev, E. A., Baratov, A. N., Badalyan, A. M., Babkin, V. S., Combust. Expl. Shock Waves 17, 37 (1981). (English translation of Russian article on centrifuge experiments showing S L,lim ~ g 1/3 ). Kono, M., Kumagai, S., Sakai, T., 16th Symp. (International) on Combustion , Combustion Institute, 1976, p. 757 . (Good experimental study of the effects of spark duration on minimum ignition energy). Joulin, G. Combust. Sci. Tech. 43, 99 (1985). (Elegant theoretical paper on flame ignition.) Champion, M, Deshaies, B., Joulin, G. and Kinoshita, K., Combust. Flame 65, 319 (1986). (Very good combined experimental/analytical study of the effects of Lewis number on flame ignition.) Bachmeier, F., Eberius, K. H., Just, T. (1973). Combust. Sci. Technol. 7, 77 (early characterization of prompt NO formation) Puchkarev, V., Gundersen, M. (1997). "Energy efficient plasma processing of gaseous
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This note was uploaded on 07/22/2008 for the course AME 514 taught by Professor Ronney during the Fall '06 term at USC.

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AME514-F06-PS1 - AME 514 Applications of Combustion - Fall...

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