Film 106A lecture 4 Jan 16

Film 106A lecture 4 Jan 16 - Film 106A lecture 4 Jan 16...

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Film 106A lecture 4 Jan 16 Charlie Chaplin’s “The Kid” (1921) from United Artists At the time, longest comedic film Emergence of the feature film (film of 1hr to 1hr 30min length) as dominant form of film At the time, a feature film was just any film that was specially advertised. Origins of long/multi reel films was in Europe Some of the first ones came out of France. Company in France called the Film d’Art company. Its mission was to preserve for all time classic stage plays o They were filming stage plays, not restaging for the camera. The real center of multi reel films at the time was Italy, mainly Torino, Italy. Unlike American motion picture industry which was always for mass audience, Italian films were classier and more expensive and pitched for the elite. Italy was one of the latest formed countries in Europe. During this time, Italy was still in rebuilding phase and establishing national identity o Revival of interest in Roman history. 1911-1912 there were 3 or 4 or 5 reel films in Italy. Eventually had 2 hour films. These films still didn’t use too many film techniques like cuts. George Kleine had the rights to many European films, including many of the Spectacular Features in Italy. He couldn’t show these super spectacular long films in vaudevilles that were just looking for 10 minute films. He treated each of these 2 hour films as special one time only events, charged as much as a dollar admission. By 1912-1913, people became aware of and exposed to the feature films that were shown in Europe. In 1908, Vitagraph showed five separate reels that had to do with life and death of Moses? Still not feature length film though. Adolph Zukor. Famous Players 1912. Mary Pickford He realized that if you gave people something special (i.e. a once in a lifetime feature film), people will pay more than the cheap nickel admissions. Sarah Bernhardt was most famous actress at the time.
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Film 106A lecture 4 Jan 16 - Film 106A lecture 4 Jan 16...

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