Film 106A Post-Midterm lec 2 Feb 13

Film 106A Post-Midterm lec 2 Feb 13 - Film 106A...

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Film 106A Post-Midterm lec 2 Feb 13 (you were 30 minutes late) Hollywood Studio Hollywood production lots, backlots and ranches Studio Boss Head of Production Story Dept William Faulkner Hollywood system highly dependent on stars Hollywood Star Star System Long Term Option Contract o 7 years was the typical length. Specified salary, usually good salary. o Usually there was an option on the contract i.e. every year of the 7 years, the studio has the option of keeping actor for another year and giving a little bit more money, or drop the actor altogether very specific about the salary and about the billing (how big is the actor’s name going to be on the title card? Relative to title and other actors the stars almost never had a choice for creative control no matter how highly paid they were almost always the salary was it, actors wouldn’t get a % of the money made by the movie (this didn’t change until 50s and 60s) Publicity Dept: Hollywood was the third largest news source in the United States, after Washington D.C. and New York. News came out that was heightened and promoted and highly publicized. o Stars thought they carried films and should be given some creative control but studios said they’re the ones that made stars famous with their Publicity and Promotion Dept. and felt they had the right to keep stars for 7 years Every year, the studios would hire potential stars and sign them to the 7 year contract and in the first year they would try to make these people stars by giving singing and acting lessens, cosmetic surgery, and they’d put these people in a series of roles, are theater managers saying they notice response from these potential stars, are we getting any fanmail, etc. Jimmy Cagnie, discovered and brought as potential star, first year in Hollywood , 1930-
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Film 106A Post-Midterm lec 2 Feb 13 - Film 106A...

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