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Chem 108 Extra Credit Homework Apr. 15, 2008 Due: Apr. 22 (midnight) Please take the Chemical Concept Inventory available on Angel. This is an educational tool used to aid in the assessment of this course. We will be comparing the results of this test to the results of the test you took earlier this semester to help us see if the material in this class helped you to understand chemical concepts. To participate, please follow the instructions below to access the Concept Inventory. All students who take the Concept Inventory before the deadline of Apr. 22 will receive credit for doing so. You will receive this credit for completing the Concept Inventory regardless of your score on the Test. This will be extra credit Chem 108. Instructions 1. You may take this test any time starting on Tues. Apr. 15 but you must be finished by Tues. Apr. 22. You will only be able to take the test once during this period of time. You should not need any more than 1 hour to complete the test.
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Unformatted text preview: To take the test: 2. Login to Angel ( ). You login to Angel using your PSU access account and password. 3. In your profile (initial page in Angel) select the course CHEM 108 SP08 . 4. On the Lessons Tab you will find a link to the CONCEPT INVENTORY. Select that link. 5. Then select EXAM 6. Complete the questions. Please do NOT use the BACK or FORWARD keys on the browser while taking this test. If you do, your submission will not be accepted ad you will not get a second chance. 7. Remember that your score on this test will not influence your Chem 108 or 110 grade. This test is for the purpose of assessing the course not the students. 8. NOTE: you will only be allowed to access the test once. Once you have logged in and taken the test you will not be able to do so again, so be sure you have sufficient time to complete the test before you access it. (~1 hour)...
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