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Colloquium Title: Electric Power Grid Emerging Technologies Abstract: The PJM Interconnection, a North American Regional Transmission Organization (RTO), operates one of the largest power grids and energy markets in the world. PJM serves about 51 million people, including State College. The company dispatches 164,634 megawatts (MW) of generating capacity over 56,070 miles of transmission lines. PJM has more than 450 market participants and has administered over $50 billion in energy and energy service trades since the regional markets opened in 1997. The coordinated expansion planning and operation of the power grid over a very large service
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Unformatted text preview: area, coupled with robust and liquid energy markets, can substantially enhance the efficient and reliable operation of the system. It also places new demands on control room operators. This presentation addresses some of the technical challenges associated with the operation of a very large power grid, as well as the advanced technologies being leveraged to provide the system operators with enhanced decision support tools. In particular, recent or planned developments in the area of system visualization, intelligent alarming and real ‐ time dynamic security assessment will be covered....
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