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SIGNALS AND SYSTEMS AREA SEMINAR (EE 590 GRADUATE COLLOQUIUM) FALL 2007 You are cordially invited to The Third Signals and Systems Area Seminar Entitled Cooperative Wireless Networking: From Theory to Practice By Elza Erkip Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Polytechnic University, New York The talk will take place on October 11, 2007 4:15pm At 225 EE West
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Talk Abstract: Wireless will be the dominant mode of internet access for end users in near future. WiFi and WiMax standards attempt to provide broadband wireless access. However, bandwidth limitations of the wireless channel, interference from multiple users operating in the same band and channel variations due to fading become bottlenecks for typical multimedia applications that require high bandwidth and an error resilient communication medium. Cooperative networking, by enabling wireless terminals to assist each other in transmitting information to their desired destinations, provides a promising technology for improving the performance of wireless networks.
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